Netflix series about Dutch Horizon game in the making

 Horizon Zero Dawn, the popular PlayStation game from the Amsterdam studio Guerrilla Games, is getting its own series on Netflix.

Sony announced this today during a presentation to investors. According to the Japanese company, there will also be a Netflix production around the racing game Gran Turismo. In addition, a series based on God of War is in development for Amazon Prime Video.

Sony has not yet given any further details on Netflix's production of the Horizon game. Horizon Zero Dawn appeared in 2017, the successor Horizon Forbidden West was released in February of this year.

Netflix series about Dutch Horizon game in the making

More series and movies around games

The plans are part of Sony's strategy to produce and release more series and movies based on well-known game titles on various streaming services. For example, HBO Max will receive a series around The Last of Us next year, of which images were already shared last year. Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal plays one of the lead roles.

In addition, a Ghost of Tsushima movie is coming and a Twisted Metal series for the streaming service Peacock is in development.

Uncharted movie

A film about the Uncharted games was released in February, which did fairly well in theaters despite poor reviews. The film, which was also shown in Dutch cinemas, achieved more than 400 million dollars in sales worldwide.

Best-selling Dutch game

The open world game Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge sales hit and a huge success for the Dutch developer Guerrilla Games. The game has now sold more than 20 million times – together with the games God of War and Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games ever.

Successor Horizon Forbidden West also received many positive reviews.

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