Giants put it all on QB Daniel Jones, and he shined in playoff win over Vikings 2023

 It was ridiculed when the New York Giants drafted Daniel Jones sixth overall. 

When the Giants didn't pick up a fifth-year option on his rookie deal, it cemented him as a bust. 

By the end of his third season, the only hope was that the new head coach, Brian Daboll, could ultimately replace him, Not that the Giants gave them too much talent to throw. 

Giants put it all on QB Daniel Jones

Former general manager Dave Gettleman did a lot wrong, but he may have got it right with Jones. Sunday's 31-24 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the wild-card playoff game was mostly about Jones being awesome. The Giants put everything on their shoulders and outplayed the Vikings, throwing for 301 yards and two touchdowns, receivers who may only start for a few other playoff teams, and rushing for 78 yards. 

The Giants are advancing to the divisional round and will play at the Philadelphia Eagles next week. It's a massive disappointment for the host Vikings, who went 13-4 in the regular season but couldn't advance to the playoffs, mainly because of a defense that couldn't get enough stops. 

The Giants finally had to hang on. A poorly roughing passer penalty gave the Vikings life in the final minutes, But on fourth — and — 8 inside a two-minute warning, veteran safety Xavier McKinney stopped tight end T. J. Hockenson short of first-it was a bad call and a decision to throw it short of sticks-and the Giants held on. 

Taking the Jones Giants to a playoff victory seemed impossible a year ago. It also seemed hard to believe that Jones would get a mega-extension at the end of this season, But the playoffs were dominated. The contract could be next.

Offenses were hot early

It took a little while to figure out that defense won't be a big part of the Vikings-Giants game.

The Vikings had an easy 75-yard touchdown drive to start the game. Then the Giants answered with an easy 75-yard touchdown drive.

No defense was doing much. Jones Vikings ' secondary pick apart, receivers throw most fans probably have not heard of. Kirk Cousins rarely threw an incompletion. Five of the seven combined possessions in the first half, not counting when the Giants killed the clock to go into the half, ended in a score.

Saquon Barkley carried five in the first half, one of which turned into a 28-yard touchdown, mainly because the Giants knew the Vikings couldn't stop their pass play. Minnesota was taking it to the ground with Dalvin Cook and spreading it with Cousins because the Giants had no answer to anything.

It wasn't an excellent game for throwback football fans, but it was entertaining.

Points keep coming in the 2nd half

The game kept going back and forth. The Vikings were going to go for it on fourth-and-1, but a false start took them back 5 yards, and they settled for a field goal. The Giants then headed downfield, converting fourth-and-1, and Barkley's second touchdown gave them a 31-24 lead.

Finally, the monster got to a stop. They dealt well in two completions and then threw incomplete under the pressure of Cousins' third down. The way the Vikings ' defense was playing, the Giants forcing a punt for more than six minutes, was a huge turning point.

The Giants had a massive decision with just over three minutes left. They were in their area to face a fourth and 1. The submarine went for him, Jones forward and converted. With 3:

  • Eighteen left.
  • The Giants had a first down.
  • The Vikings were forced to start using the timeout.

But Darius Slayton had a bad drop to third, and the Giants were punished.

After that, the passer penalty on the defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence of the Giants had a terrible roughing. Lawrence eliminated their cousin around, but finding a sentence in the game was difficult. Instead of facing a third down, the Vikings got 15 yards and a gift first down.

But soon after that, the Giant's defense could have been better, but it got a few key stops. Most of the wins were about Jones being dominant. It's a story that seemed very unlikely when this season began.

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