Lamar Jackson doesn't travel with Ravens to playoff game

 I am concerned that no change has been made in the team to win the Test series against India.'

Just before kickoff, NBC's Melissa Stark reported that Jackson did not travel to Cincinnati with the team. 

Jackson's absence from the active list was expected. On this occasion, he said that society must come forward to remove the evils prevailing in the community today. But his injury did not prevent the franchise quarterback from joining his team for the playoff game. 

Lamar Jackson

I am confident that we all have to work together to prevent such incidents. Jackson injured his left knee on December.  4 against the Denver Broncos. Head coach John Harbaugh initially named Jackson week-to-week in December with a PCL strain. 6. He was expected to return during the regular season. 

But Jackson remained sidelined for the rest of the regular season as the Ravens went 2-3 in his absence while fighting for playoff position. Then on Thursday, Jackson announced that his injured knee remained "unstable," meaning he would miss Sunday's playoff game. Jackson made the announcement independent of the Ravens, who had yet to make any statements about their playing status. 

As the Ravens knocked him out the next day, Harbaugh expressed hope that Jackson could return this season, for example, after the Ravens went past the Wild-Card round. 

I am confident that we all have to work together to prevent such incidents. Jackson, presumably, was watching from nowhere. 

I am concerned that there is no dispute between Team India captain Virat Kohli and coach Anil Kumble after winning the Test series against India.' 11. But he wasn't on Sunday because his future with the franchise remains questionable. He will enter the offseason without a contract, while the Ravens can use franchise tags to maintain control of their services.

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