Lamborghini Aventador V12 Successor Likely Revealed In Patent Designs 2024

 This may be our best look yet. Lamborghini Aventador hybrid V12 successor patent drawings filed with the intellectual property office shared online, perhaps giving the upcoming hybrid hypercar our best look yet. While the car will pave the way for a new look for the Italian automaker in drivetrains, it will not be a huge departure in terms of appearance.

Lamborghini Aventador V12 Successor

These low-race patent designs, which appeared on several Instagram accounts, including varies and Wilko Blox, match everything we've seen from different prototypes over the last year or so on Instagram. As such, the Italian supercar is familiar with sharp edges, a plurality of Y-shaped design cues, and the tried and true mid-engine ratio, although there is an updated look. Even the engine cover. You may need to check the engine.

Like the prototype we've seen tested under camouflage on public roads, this design patent features a pair of rather large, hexagonal exhaust outlets right in the middle of the rear end of the car. Although they give the supercar an aggressive behavior, they're also a reminder that it will still be powered by an internal combustion engine, even as Lamborghini tries to

Although a hybrid drivetrain will power it, Lamborghini has discussed how important the V12 engine is for IT. Spy photos previously revealed that the hybridized twelve-cylinder engine would have an 8,500 rpm redline, which will please owners searching for a high-pitched, Italian soundtrack

Lamborghini engineers will almost certainly use the help of electric motors to exceed the power level of this car to the Aventador's 760 hp (567 kW/770 PS).

Lamborghini is expected to release the still-unnamed successor to the Aventador this year and sell it for the 2024 model year.

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