Tesla Rolls Out Cheaper Model Y With 4680 Batteries And 279-Mile Range 2023

 The new base Model Y still can't be found in the configurator, but it's said to cost about $2,000 less than the long-range version.

Tesla Rolls Out Cheaper Model Y With 4680 Batteries And 279-Mile Range 2023

The new Model Y uses the standard range of 4680 battery cells produced at its Texas plant, and its EPA-estimated range is 279 miles (449 km). The trim level configurator is not currently available, but it may already be sold out.

This is also strange because the new Model Y standard range is not precisely a screaming deal. We told you earlier this month that a new Model Y trim was on its way. Even then, its potential $61,990 price tag wasn't much of a discount on the extended-range version with a 330-mile (531 km) range.

Multiple sources with c & d say that a Model Y standard range with dual motor AWD was available online. This matched the figures we reported earlier this month that it was $2,000 cheaper than the long-range Model Y. The strange thing is, we need help finding an example of this nationwide.

Whether the first batch released is part of a slow rollout or something else, the standard Range Model Ys is coming. Note that for now, Tesla has reduced its price throughout the lineup so that the new starting price of a Model Y could end up south of $ 53,000

It is worth noting again that this 4680-battery-equipped standard range version of the Model Y has a dual-motor AWD. This differs from the previous classic Range RWD Model Y and the current Model 3 base trim. According to Teslerati, only a handful of people have had the opportunity to choose a 4680-equipped Model Y

We'll keep an eye out for others on sale across the country, but for now, will a $2,000 discount make you more willing to get behind the wheel of a new Tesla?

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