Tuner Turns Toyota Corolla Cross Into A Mini-RAV4 2023

 The Toyota Rav Cross looks rougher than any factory-spec Corolla cross we've seen.

Tuner Turns Toyota Corolla Cross Into A Mini-RAV4 2023

The Corolla cross sits below the RAV4 in Toyota's SUV range in size and price, but what can you do when you prefer the former look? The Japanese tuner Revi has solutions for the Toyota Corolla cross with a new RAV4-style body kit combined with several off-road accessories in the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The highlight of the raw Cross is the redesigned front bumper that reflects the rugged-looking Adventure trim of the RAV4. It features a much larger hexagon grille with TOYOTA lettering, plastic parts covering a portion of the headlights, faxed side intake housing foglights, and an aluminum-style skidplate under the blocked lower bumper Inlet.

It gets new Delta Force 16-inch alloy wheels shown in bolted-on plastic fender add-ons and grippier all-terrain tires for an even more adventurous look. Other goodies include a Rhino-Rack pioneer platform for additional storage, a roaming adventure case with 52 liters (1.8 cubic feet) of storage, Casey highlights LEDs to combat the darkness in the desert and a Rhino-Rack Sunseeker retractable awning.

According to the tuner, the bumper cost $203,500 ($1,584 at current exchange rates) and 9,900 ($77) Toyota, not including lettering. Fender add-ons cost 49,500 ($385), while the roof rack is the most expensive part at 249,700 ($1,943). The U pen ion LiFT mounted LED lights add 218,900 ($1,703), the awning 61,600 ($479), and the roof boxes add 36,960 ($288). note that the above prices include taxes but do not include shipping, painting, and installation costs

While the exterior design of the Corolla cross differs depending on the market (the JDM-spec model has a smaller grille and a much larger bumper adoption than the US-spec or EU-spec examples), the body kit is probably compatible with all of them. Tuner suggests that custom bumper installation requires two or four holes depending on the SUV's trim level. Would you turn your Toyota Corolla cross into a heavy cross?

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